Kate Read, Owner
Who doesn’t love to receive flowers?

They deserve a special place in our daily lives. They make people smile, summon a long lost memory, remind one of a special someone and connect us to the earth…

Hello! My name is Kate Read and I am the owner of Grey Tabby Gardens, a boutique cut flower garden and studio in Lake Mary, Florida. I grew up in the English countryside and no matter where I have moved to in the world I have always brought that love of English gardens with me. Cutting flowers from the garden is one of my greatest pleasures and yet when I first moved to Florida there seemed to be very little interest in growing the type of flowers I was familiar with. My research led me to the “Slow Flower” movement and the desire amongst many flower lovers to source locally grown cut flowers, rather than imported flowers. I began to plan and plant a sizeable cutting garden where I could grow many of the lovely seasonal flowers that reminded me so much of those idyllic English gardens. The result is an ever evolving collation of unique and difficult to source garden fresh flowers styled into lush bouquets and arrangements and available to buy!

The flowers that are grown at Grey Tabby Gardens are nurtured from seed to bloom and are tended using responsible practices. They have been naturally grown without the use of toxic chemicals or synthetic fertilizers and have been happily visited by bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.

“Happiness is to hold flowers in both hands”

Japanese proverb

Local, Lush, Lovely and Seasonal

Every bouquet conveys the essence of the garden at that particular moment in time.

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