October in the Garden

October in the Garden

It’s so lovely to feel a chill in the air in the early mornings, a sign that our heat and humidity are past and we can look forward to cooler and drier days.  Here and there are a few signs of autumn.


A few of my orchids which live outside most of the summer under the shade of some trees are starting to flower.


This one looks a fitting color with the lichens, silver bark and air plant.



Pink Muhly Grass always looks spectacular at this time of the year and lights up as the morning sun catches it.

Plumbago loves this time of year also and can usually be trusted to put on a show this month.  I have some in a big container in my back garden.



Plumbago is just that perfect shade of blue!

More blues from some Salvias with a few roses just beginning to flower again.




Lovely Leonotis and yellow Thryallis are flowering heavily in my front garden.  I have two big clumps of Leonotis out here but I think, being so big, they took a battering when Hurricane Matthew blew through Central Florida the other week.  Having lived through a really bad hurricane in North Carolina I was very worried about this one but it went a little further to the east than originally thought so we were spared the worst of it – just a lot of debris and branches to clear and pick up, but no major damage.

We had gone out to walk at the beach the week prior to the hurricane when it looked like this…


…But I would imagine the shoreline is less pristine now!

In my cutting garden I had planted a new crop of cut flowers in August and they have been giving me lots of lovely blooms to pick this month.




I have tried different Celosias this year and I have enjoyed their different shapes and colors.


This one is Celosia “Crushed Berries”.

Lots of branching sunflowers were planted too, both Valentine and Vanilla Ice


An August sowing of Zinnias has also been productive.




I love to be able to pick them for the house…


These are a mixture of Apricot Blush and Raggedy Ann Zinnias.

I have grown a lot of Cranberry Hibiscus from seed this year and it makes a lovely filler for vases.



Dahlias are a new addition to the cut flower garden this year.  It has been tricky to get them through the excessively hot summer this year but I have planted them in pots which made it easier to move them into shadier spots.  With the more comfortable temperatures they are beginning to respond and flower now.  As long as I can protect them from any frosts they should continue to flower until it warms up again in the spring.

I was happy to see the first buds open..





Cafe au Lait Dahlia

and my favorite one so far…


I had to pick it of course, just to celebrate the fact that I had actually managed to grow it!



Hopefully all the others will be flowering soon as well.

The Camellias are on their way with lots of buds beginning to open.



Gulf Fritillary Butterfly on newly opened Camellia

It’s a nice thought that we can finally be outside and make use of the gazebo we had built as it has just been too steamy to use it so far.


I have planted a lot of different Camellias in the little garden around it so hopefully there will be continual color from now until spring.  Hope you are enjoying some lovely autumn weather too! (or spring!)

Kate xx

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