April's End

April's End

April has been such a lovely month!  There is so much flowering in the garden at this time of year that it is hard to take it all in and I want to enjoy it all before some of the more delicate flowers start to go over as the heat sets in.



I plant very thickly in my garden and I encourage plants to grow together and tumble on top of each other.  It’s not always an easy way to garden in Florida as it can quickly become unruly if I don’t keep on top of it, but I would far rather see plants than bare earth.  Here Bermuda’s Anna Olivier is growing together with Gardenia and pale blue Salvia.  It is an unexpected combination that I certainly didn’t plan but it is very lovely and I’m glad it just happened!



All the roses have been beautiful this month and I have particularly enjoyed this little Noisette – Jeanne D’Arc. It’s only in its second year and has lovely sprays of creamy white flowers.


I have tried a couple of David Austin roses this year in big pots and have been amazed at how beautiful they are.  This one in particular has been stunning.



This is Munstead Wood.  The color of the flowers and the number of them for such a young rose have been wonderful.





Another David Austin that is new to me is Lichfield Angel, a creamy blush rose that fades to different shades as the flowers age.



Supposedly both roses are disease resistant but I have them in big pots to avoid the soil nematodes that destroy many roses at the root here in the sandy Florida soil.



Carnation Rose


Souvenir de la Malmaison

Jasmine is everywhere in the garden and it is so heavily perfumed in the early morning and evening.  It grows in the courtyard and over an arch which leads into the woods at the back.



An old pine tree had to be removed recently at the edge of the woods and it gave us the opportunity to clear back some of the undergrowth there which formed a natural circle.  This month we had a gazebo built which turned out so well and I am really excited about creating a little woodland garden around it.


This view is from across the little stream.  It is just bare earth and trees stumps right now, but I will probably continue the stone wall around and then fill the beds with a mixture of azaleas and camellias.  I would like to add some native plants too as they will blend in well with the woodland there and provide food for the birds.  The big shrub on the right is a huge variegated gardenia which competes with the jasmine in fragrance.

The star of the show right now is the cutting garden which has overwhelmed me with how beautiful these flowers are.  I know many of you in England are probably wondering why I am waxing lyrical all the time about these very “Englishy” looking flowers, but it is such a treat for me to see them growing so well here if planted at the right time!

Flowering profusely now are Orlaya Grandiflora, Larkspur, Zinnia, Calendula and Cosmos.







I am picking big jugs of them several times a week, especially the zinnias.


There are lots of cornflower and a few sunflowers starting too




I usually pick flowers in the evening and let them sit in cold water for a day to drink before putting them in a vase.


My arrangements are always a bit carefree and haphazard but like the garden it’s what makes me happy!

-Kate xx

…Just as a side note…Wordpress crashed on me this week, taking most of, if not all of my photos with it.  It will probably take me many weeks to get everything restored back into the blog posts.  Frustrating and painstaking to say the least.  I have often had doubts about   doing the blog but the fact that I was so devastated and then determined to put it all back together again has shown me how much it means to me!

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